Bill Stavroulakis
Hi, I’m Bill Stavroulakis, many years ago my journey started on this thing called Web Development.

Over here you can find all of the interesting things I find on my way.  This website is part of the vue-wordpress-pwa project.




It was such a pleasure to present at this year’s Bay Area DevFest on Progressive Web Apps



Had a wonderful time attending as a mentor at Hack the North. So many beautiful ideas and amazing students.


During the edX Microsoft: DAT236x on Deep Learning Explained I came across an issue where I couldn’t run Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit on a Mac natively. Looks like there is a docker container that can help us do that. So the steps to run the library are the following: Install docker and pull the microsoft/cntk image docker pull microsoft/cntk:2.0-cpu-python3.5 […]



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