MVP V-Conf | May 14 & 15, 8am-6pm (PT – Pacific Time)

Mon Apr 20 2015

The MVP Virtual Conference (MVP V-Conf) is a new, virtual, 2-day event that showcases how the best and brightest independent technology experts are using Microsoft technologies today. Tune in and see what the community of power users are saying about the mobile-first, cloud-first world of possibility with Microsoft re-imagined.


Here is a high level overview of the event:

  • –  World-class free online conference that features technical content presented by Americas’ region MVPs that is open to the public
  • –  More technical content (Level 200, 300, 400), less marketing
  • –  5 tracks: IT Pro English, Dev English, Consumer English, Mixed Spanish, Mixed Portuguese
  • –  Event will be broadcast via Lync using L+ which enhances the conferencing capabilities of Lync
  • –  Two full days of sessions with simultaneous webcasts running across all 5 tracks
  • –  Thursday May 14th and Friday, May 15th
  • –  Start at 8am PT and running until 6pm PT (Pacific)
  • –  Day 1: 45 sessions + Keynote, Day 2: 50 sessions
  • –  Keynote on Day 1 to be delivered by Steve ‘Guggs’ Guggenheimer, Corporate VP of DX
  • –  On Demand content available via Channel9
  • –  This event is not just for MVPs, it’s for everyone!