Bill Stavroulakis
Hi, I’m Bill Stavroulakis, many years ago my journey started on this thing called Web Development.

Over here you can find all of the interesting things I find on my way.  This website is part of the vue-wordpress-pwa project.



It was an amazing experience to talk at the GDG Thessaloniki – Devfest #4. I had the opportunity to present Progressive Web Apps and meet with the community of Thessaloniki. I hope to see you all at the GDG Athens event!


This week you can view for free my course on “Getting Started with Polymer.js” at Pluralsight!


Another Pluralsight course is out into the world, featuring “Getting Started with Progressive Web Apps”. =>


Thank you Google for accepting me into the Google Developer Experts community! => “Google Experts are a global network of experienced product strategists, designers, developers and marketing professionals actively supporting developers, startups and companies changing the world through web and mobile applications.”


Check out our new design at dotNET Weekly. There is even a contribute section now where you can recommend articles and links to share.


In this blog series we’ll create together a “Car Deals” website. You can preview the site demo over here . And the Github page over here => However, this site is not your average webpage, but can be considered a Progressive Web App. But, what series of technologies and practices does a site need to become […]


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