Bill Stavroulakis
Hi, I’m Bill Stavroulakis, many years ago my journey started on this thing called Web Development.

Over here you can find all of the interesting things I find on my way.  This website is part of the vue-wordpress-pwa project.



I’m excited to announce my first Pluralsight course on Real-time Web Applications! You can check out the course description: A large number of technologies and practices have attempted to tackle real-time demands to constantly update the browser. The new HTML5 WebSocket protocol promises bi-directional communication between the server and the client through a single TCP […]


AngularJS is a very hot trend! I’ve noticed an increasing number of blogs/newsletters and articles mentioning Angular. After viewing some insights on its popularity I can tell you that it is here to stay. Also, if you are a front-end developer you’ll have to make some time to learn this framework. AngularJS popularity insights 1) Google […]


Thank you all for attending the session Real-time Web Applications that took place at ITPRO Dev Connections 2013. You can find most of the material we talked about on my previous post. Also, you can find the presentation/code on this skydrive folder (file


Introduction So, what are Real-Time Web Applications? A brief definition is “a set of technologies and practices that enable users to receive information as it is published” Examples of services that use this type of applications are Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, GooglePlus and many more. We’ve all noticed messages and notifications popping up on our browser, […]


While ASP.NET MVC has an attribute “OutputCache”, which is a pretty good and quick solution, it doesn’t always meet the expectations needed. For example let us say we want to cache the output of our controller. A first thought would be to use the OutputCache Parameter [OutputCache(Duration=60 * 60, VaryByParam="id")] public ActionResult ContentItems(int id) { […]


It was time to give Azure a chance and migrate some WordPress sites I host to see if it can handle the task. So I logged in the Azure panel and I have to say I was impressed! Very clean design. With the basic options very visible but not limiting the advanced uses if they […]


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