Bill Stavroulakis
Hi, I’m Bill Stavroulakis, many years ago my journey started on this thing called Web Development.

Over here you can find all of the interesting things I find on my way.  This website is part of the vue-wordpress-pwa project.


While ASP.NET MVC has an attribute “OutputCache”, which is a pretty good and quick solution, it doesn’t always meet the expectations needed. For example let us say we want to cache the output of our controller. A first thought would be to use the OutputCache Parameter [OutputCache(Duration=60 * 60, VaryByParam="id")] public ActionResult ContentItems(int id) { […]


It was time to give Azure a chance and migrate some WordPress sites I host to see if it can handle the task. So I logged in the Azure panel and I have to say I was impressed! Very clean design. With the basic options very visible but not limiting the advanced uses if they […]


In 10 minutes (5:30 12/12/2012) we will begin our 2 hour webinar on HTML/CSS/JS. So anyone who wants to get a head start on those technologies don’t hesitate to join! Our material:!12539 Update: You can view the whole webinar below.


On the 24th and 25th of November the ITProDev Connections seminar will take place. Numerous sessions on cutting edge technologies! I will have the chance to do a presentation on MVC4 ( We’re going to have a great discussion on the direction the Web is going and try to put together an app named “MyITProDev” […]


Over here you’ll find all the material for the Session Dev-4 presented at ITPro|DevConnections 2012. I would like to thank everybody for attending the session on MVC4 We covered a bit of DB Migrations Responsive Design Web Api Mobile Views SEO [doptg id=”1″]


I would like to thank everybody for attending the 4 hour session on HTML/CSS/JS and how we can use that knowledge to create apps on Wndows 8! We began our session by creating a HTML5 webpage from scratch. We came across all the basics on creating a page with HTML5/CSS/JS. After that we saw some […]


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