Bill Stavroulakis
Hi, I’m Bill Stavroulakis, many years ago my journey started on this thing called Web Development.

Over here you can find all of the interesting things I find on my way.  This website is part of the vue-wordpress-pwa project.


I would like to thank everybody for attending the 4 hour session on HTML/CSS/JS and how we can use that knowledge to create apps on Wndows 8! We began our session by creating a HTML5 webpage from scratch. We came across all the basics on creating a page with HTML5/CSS/JS. After that we saw some […]


On Friday, 9th of November, you can find me at WOWZAPP 2012 Athens. I’ll be at the Pre-Sessions to give everyone a quick heads up on HTML,CSS,JS basics. So if you are a newbie on those technologies or want to refresh some stuff don’t miss this event! For more info visit this link =>


Windows 8 is coming out in a couple of months. Are you ready for the new UI? Try out this new challenge/game to find out! Click here to see if you are ready for the new UI!


Over here you can view online the LiveMeetings we held with Ioannis Panagopoulos. They scratch the surface of some very interesting features ASP.NET MVC 4 offers to create modern web apps LiveMeeting Developers – ASP.NET MVC4 (1/2) LiveMeeting Developers – ASP.NET MVC4 (2/2)


I would like to introduce a newsletter called DotNetWeekly ( You’ll receive links of articles/videos/posts/events on .NET latest each week right at your email. It is very easy to subscribe/unsubscribe so give it a try!


In the previous post we talked about Responsive Design. It is when your website is aware of the browser’s proportions and corresponds to them, so it can present its content as user-friendly as possible. You can open this site and minimize/maximize the width to get a feeling how it adapts to change. This solution is great for […]