Single Page Applications with Vue.js | Pluralsight Course

Thu Oct 12 2017

Check out my new course on Pluralsight with the title “Single Page Applications with Vue.js“. Here is the course description:

“How can you create a full-blown application with one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js? In this course, Single Page Applications with Vue.js, you’ll learn how to setup the environment and build processes necessary for your application. First, you’ll discover how to include single file components, routing, and API communication functionalities with plugins and modules. Next, you’ll explore state management and server-side rendering for faster and more manageable apps. Lastly, you’ll cover how to create tests and deploy your application on the cloud. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to efficiently create an application from start to finish using the Vue.js framework.”

I hope that you find this course useful and with a good pace. You can find the full source of the course at the following repository =>

Also, I’ve broken each module into a release, so to download the final code for the fist module you can do:
> git clone
> cd vue-spa
> git checkout -m build-process

Then to switch to the second one:
> git checkout -m single-file-components

You can view the full list over here =>