Most PostgreSQL queries and sessions in a well-designed application are short-lived, on the order of a couple of milliseconds, and return very small result sets. Most web apps don’t take advantage of the stateful features of PostgreSQL sessions, or always use the same stateful parameters, like setting the timezone. As a result, this model means […]


A common question that I get is why do we offer so many database products? The answer for me is simple: Developers want their applications to be well architected and scale effectively. To do this, they need to be able to use multiple databases and data models within the same application.


FoundationDB is a distributed datastore, designed from the ground up to be deployed on clusters of commodity hardware. These clusters scale well as you add machines, automatically heal from hardware failures, and have a simple API. The key-value store supports fully global, cross-row ACID transactions. That’s the highest level of data consistency possible. What does […]


Relational databases held the lead for quite a time. Choices were quite obvious, MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL to mention a few.


Today we’re excited to launch native support for Apache Cassandra API in Azure Cosmos DB


Hands up if you grew up with structured databases. Did you learn some flavour of SQL? Maybe MS Access in school and then MySQL when you started dabbling in code.


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