Making the most simple crypto-currency on the web – Billcoin

Thu May 15 2014

This blog post is to encapsulate what I tried to do with the Billcoin project =>

The first time I read about Bitcoin I was fascinated. It was such an elegant and smart idea I really had to go in-depth. However, I quickly realized that there aren’t a lot of resources out there to give someone a quick but complete image of all of the nuts and bolts of Bitcoin. I would either find extremely sophisticated stuff or people talking about how to make money with Bitcoin or about its social-economical impact.

Isn’t there a dead-simple but very deep and precise demo to show how crypto-currencies work? Not that I know of. That is why I created Billcoin which is a good place for you to begin your journey on learning about crypto-currencies.

So, if you are interested in how Bitcoin really works dive in!

The DEMO and the Billcoin Crypto-Currency in action =>

Post 1 => How does Bitcoin Work – Part 1 | The “Billcoin” Address
Post 2 => How does Bitcoin work – Part 2 | The “Billcoin” Block Chain
Post 3 => How does Bitcoin work – Part 3 | The “Billcoin” Transactions
Post 4 => How does Bitcoin work – Part 4 | The “Billcoin” Miners

This project has been tested on the latest versions of Chrome/Firefox and on IE11.



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