Assistive Technology

Tue Apr 11 2017

Assistive technology is an umbrella of devices, software and tools to that help any person with a disability to complete a task.

This could be:

Screen Reader

On Windows you can just press the Windows + Enter button to open the Windows Narrator.

Windows Narrator

On Chrome you can download the ChromeVox extension


On the Mac you can use the Apple Accessibility VoiceOver tool

No matter the browser, operating system or device there is a screen reader out there for you to use or experiment with.

Voice Control

Many operating systems are investing heavily in voice control, as it is easier to interact with the device.

Voice Control Mobile

Voice Control Windows


Magnification is a tool many use, especially people of older age.

Zoom Options

Braille Display

Braille Display for writing texts easily for the visual impaired. It is also used to read text as well.

Braille Display

Sip and Puff/ Eye Tracking

Sip and Puff

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